MapleMoney’s Biggest Moments


Last time, Tom Drake looked back on a decade of MapleMoney blogging and podcasting. This time out, he shares his five biggest moments.

Biggest surprise: My biggest surprise might be the response to the podcast. We’re still within the first year and people really seem to like it. I’m still having issues listening to my own voice, but there’s a great team behind the scenes and I expect it to be the top Canadian personal finance podcast within its first year!

Biggest success:
The biggest success was the results of rebranding from Canadian Finance Blog to MapleMoney. When I made the switch, traffic dropped for six months, but I didn’t look back and have come out with a site that is ready for a new level of growth. This January’s page views were the fourth largest month ever for the site! Having a real brand, plus no longer having “blog” in the name, lead to a massive redesign and the launch of the podcast, both of which have increased visitor’s trust in the site and given us new opportunities to grow.

Biggest story:
Jim Yih from Retire Happy wrote a post on MapleMoney about a scam he uncovered when looking to buy a car. Have a look at the hundreds of comments and you’ll get an idea of the amount of money we saved people from getting scammed out of.

Biggest post:
Having a look at my analytics to confirm, the all-time biggest post over the decade has been this one on how much money you need to retire. However, looking at just last year, this newer guide to buying stocks has been doing great.

Biggest disappointment:
My biggest disappointment was back in 2012. I had taken a six-month parental leave to be with my family and give the full-time blogger thing a test drive. But that’s the same time I got hit with Google penalties that dropped my search traffic. I wasn’t really able to work on the blog “full time” because we were busy with a newborn and an energetic two year old. I think it took a couple years to fully recover from that.

Kevin Press

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